The YouMeWe Foundation, founders’ commitment

Suzanne F. Stevens and her husband, Michael K Gingerich,  sold their home and most of the worldly belongings and left their leadership careers to pursue their passion to invest, inspire and develop African women leaders of today for tomorrow.

Suzanne and Michael had travelled to several countries in Africa prior to immersing themselves in the cultures of various African countries in 2011-2012. They self-funded their travels through Africa interviewing women leaders for Wisdom Exchange TV (, interviewing students for tertiary education scholarships, providing leadership skills, and soliciting sponsorship a new African wide trade initiative.

Suzanne Stevens & Michael Gingerich, YouMeWe founders

As they continue interviewing African women pioneers and funding perspective African women leaders tertiary education, they need the support of individuals that recognize that providing education to one vetted woman can improve the lives of hundreds, perhaps thousands of people living in poverty. This impact of one woman has been proven based on interviewing African pioneers since 2010.

Suzanne and Michael continue to donate their personal funds, solicit donations, and create events for donations to help elevate women, their families  and the leadership in Africa.

Suzanne is a recipient of TIAW (The International Women Alliance) World of Difference Award for education. She was honoured with other recipients in March 2014 in Washington DC.




YouMeWe Social Enterprise/Movement values

Suzanne F Stevens (click for bio),  is an international speaker, entrepreneur, pioneer, trainer, host, and philanthropist. She specializes in igniting conscious leaders to lead tomorrow’s legacy today.

As the pioneers of the YouMeWe Social enterprise, Mike and Suzanne’s goal is to ignite conscious leaders to create collaborative cultures by attracting, retaining and inspiring multi-generational work forces.

The mission of the social enterprise is to ignite conscious leaders internationally to embrace the YouMeWe values and brand their alignment to them. The values include: Will, Contributions, Consciousness, Collaborate, Consistent, Inclusive, Kind, and Courage. To find our more visit

All monies donated to the YouMeWe Foundation will go toward a perspective woman leaders’ tertiary education. No donations are used to support Michael and Suzanne’s travel requirements to find candidates for scholarships, provide leadership development, or interview women leaders for the Wisdom Exchange TV.

YouMeWe Foundation is advised by Tides Canada Charity number: BN 86894 7797RR0001