Scholarship recipient

Mary Ogalo 2014 Mary Ogalo, 2008 Ignite Excellence Foundation 1st Recipient

When I returned to Kenya 2011, Mary Ogalo was heading up the Global Bag Project in Nairobi. Global Bag Project is a US based non-profit social enterprise that donates the proceeds from the sales of reusable shopping bags in the developed world …


Mary Ogalo, a Ignite Excellence Foundation Recipient and now graduate invests in her community by taking a Management position with ‘Global Bag Project.’

An Ignite Foundation Special Presentation.

An update on past Foundation Scholarship recipient Mary Ogalo, now Kenya Project Manager for Global Bag Project in Nairobi Kenya.
The Global …


By Maggie Gitau (Ignite Excellence Foundation Recipient)

 I grew up on an idyllic hill that was nestled between two rapid streams, each river less than a five minute skip and hop from our house. During high rains the streams could get so treacherous we learnt to treat them, any body …


Through the generousity of  donors, the Ignite Excellence Foundation is proud to inform you we provided  four scholarships to wonderfully diverse and committed women. Three of the four recipients will start their under or postgraduate education starting September 2011, the other is in her second year.

Please list to …


Maggie Gitau, PHD Intercultural Studies

Maggie Gitau: Raising Partners…To Impact Africa

About two weeks ago I hosted a family of nine from the USA. After their Maasai Mara safari, they decided to make a stop-over at slums in Nairobi, laden with token gifts to hand out. They distributed school shoes …


Beyond the Tears: a Rwandan Refugee’s intention to help heal the vulnerable during unrest.

Clene Nyiramahoro, PhD Candidate University: Africa International University (AIU) Program: PhD in Intercultural Studies

Having lived outside my home for almost 16 years, I was able to objectively think about some of the cultural values that …


Tertiary Education will give me a voice, where there is none


Esther Silamo

Esther Silamo, BA in Psychology & Counseling

Education will give me the confidence, the knowledge and the vehicle to empower women in my community, who have been subjected to traditions that have suppressed them. I was raised in …



Inspire to Work with  Care Givers; the individuals responsible for the next generation

Joy Ayuma Nandokha, Masters in Curriculum & Instruction

My name is Joy Ayuma Nandoka. I am a wife and mother to two children. I am pursuing a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction in African International University.…


Faith and Finance…

Mary Ogalo has just completed her MA research on issues of poverty mitigation.  She has investigated models and strategies used by NGO’s in the vast Kibera slum in Kenya.  Understanding poverty and women has been her passion.

“When I was a little girl, our family was fairly …


The Global Bag Project

Tell us more about your ministry to empower African women.

Before I started my studies at NEGST, I had been involved in ministry among women, both inside and outside NEGST. During the 1st quarter of 2009, I was involved in linking up North American women with …


Mrs. Lucia Atoyebi is studying for a Master of Arts Degree in Education. She is married to Peter, and a mother of four grown children.

Lucia and Peter have come to Kenya after working for 14 years in Cameroon. During that time, they started schools, established local churches, started programs …